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How to register?



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Date d'inscription: 05/10/2013

How to register?

Message par Fio' le Mer 13 Nov 2013 - 0:17

Before you can make your application you need to register on the forum. Clic "S'enregistrer" (see the picture) or just clic this link : http://www.team-sfpd.com/register

Then clic "J'accepte le règlement" (see the picture)

Type your nickname in "Nom d'utilisateur" (1), your mail adress (2) in "Adress e-mail", and your password in "Mot de passe" (3). You also can register with Facebook (4).

Type your password again in "Confirmer le mot de passe" (1) and type the captcha (2).

If you have follow those steps correctly you should have this message (see the picture) :

- if it isn't the case check your password and the captcha or maybe your nickname is already taken by someone else so change it.
- if it is the case, go check your emails and clic the validation link (see the picture).

-Then you should have this message (see the picture), that means that you are registered on the forum !

Once all of the above is done, if you want to participate to the SPFD-tournament clic this link (http://www.team-sfpd.com/f22-sfpd-tournament) to know the rules and how to participate to the tournament.

To create a new topic, clic ont the "New" button (1). To reply to a topic, clic the button this the letter (2)

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